Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blythe, CA to Gainsville, FL~Coast to Coast!

I can't remember the exact year....maybe it was 1991. We had heard all these great things about this race in Blythe, CA. Actually the Gaddis' family kept telling us it was great and it had lots of FAST southern Cal riders. SO we were all about finding faster riders for Robbie to be challenged against. It fell the week before our usual trip to FL for the Mini O's. We made the 17+ hours to California. It was a 3 day race and I remember very little about it. It was DUSTY and they had races with motorcycles with sidecars. It was the wildest thing I ever seen!! It was our only trip to Blythe, we left sun and wind burned. But after Robbie finished racing we loaded up and headed home. My dad is not the type to drive a few hours and stop. We drove straight there and straight home. We got home did laundry all day and dad worked on cleaning out the California sand out of the bikes. The next morning we were back in the van for a trip to the opposite coast.
We drove the 18 hours to Gainsville, FL where we raced for a full week. My dad was and still is an iron man when it comes to driving and he proved it on this trip once again. I always tried my hardest to stay up with him. If I looked bored he would have me calculate the mileage, see if there was a quicker route, or memorize the tags of passing cars. Heck there were times we would just make up some off the wall stories to pass the time. Like I am really an alien child, and the noise on the dark road is really alligators attached to the tires. He kept it interesting that is for sure.

What is your craziest/longest race trip?