Sunday, May 24, 2009

A few Videos of my brother I have found!

BERCY Paris, France 1998
It was my only time at this event and I still remember it like yesterday!! It was amazing!! The crowd was deafening. They had chainsaw motors, airhorns, glow sticks, and the music rocked sooo loud that I swear my heart started beating with it. The song they played for the Americans wen they came out in white stretch limos..was Funk soul brother by fat boy slim...I believe it is on my play liste below. I hear it and am instantly taken back to this moment!! It was a very exciting 3 days of racing and fun in Paris!


Terrafirma 1:

Arenacross Interview!

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Carlie said...

OMG!!!! The crowd at Bercy is always freaking nuts!!!! I will never forget it either!!!!!