Saturday, August 30, 2008

Just my 2 cents

Well that is what I am calling this blog. "Just my 2 cents" My husband says it should be 25 cents worth, but he doesn't get a say. hahaha I can be random at times...ok a LOT of the I figured I would have a place to let it out.

I am a mom, wife, sister, daughter, grand-daughter, niece, cousin, and great friend. Wow that was a mouth full. I grew up in the Sooner state and 5 yrs ago transplanted to the Lone star state. I had anything but a normal childhood..of course really what is NORMAL! It was normal for me.
This will be my place to walk down memory lane on some of my many adventures coming to who I am now. OOO and the adventures are never ending. Some are hilarious, some not so entertaining, some are inspirational and some heartbreaking...but they are what formed me.

Now behind the RRsis name..a lot of people know why I have this screen name, but some don' I will let you in on the not so big secret. I grew up in the motocross world traveling all over while my brother competed at various race. When we were kids people would come up to me and say "O are you Robbie Reynard's sister??" If I only had a dollar for everytime I was asked this. It drove me nuts, but I would shake their hand and say, "YES I am, but my name is Cherie". So as I became an adult and entered the world of the Internet and had to think of a screen name...I came up with RRsis. It is pretty much my 2nd identity, so I guess I am now ok with that question. :-) So you can call me sis...a lot of people do. :-)

Well I hope you enjoy my blog and stories.

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